We know that weddings are exciting but when you’re the bride it sometimes becomes overwhelming.
Are you a bride to be?
Are you about to walk up the aisle?
Have you walked down the aisle?

Do you harbor any worries when it comes to:

  • Handling communication issue?
  • Setting boundaries?
  • Money Management?
  • Managing sexual intimacy?
  • Battling with selfishness?
  • Understanding value differences?
  • Handling boredom?
  • Do you find managing your home overwhelming?
If you have any of these concerns, then Masterminds Bridal Master Class is exactly what you need.
Let’s guide you to Marital Bliss in a weeklong comprehensive class where the brides to be and already wedded brides are lectured extensively on how to maintain and uphold their homes.
We’ll lecture you on:
  • Money Management
  • Home Management
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Food Preparation and Presentation
  • The Hush Hush

These are essential skills that must be learned by every woman who wants to have a happy home. Your home tells a lot about you and after this class, you are assured of how to manage your expenses, your emotions, your home, your husband, your children, your relatives and your in-laws. You will be well steeped in culinary arts, and the knowledge that the express way to a man’s heart is his stomach. What better way to acquire this precious heart than by preparing delectable meals for consumption, setting a romantic table that reminisces the good old days while you’re courting, plating dishes in an attractive way? Revel in the intimacy accorded you by matrimony as you put to use tips and tricks that would make your sex life a fulfilled one in our Hush Hush session.

These and more are the offers awaiting the lucky bride that enroll into this amazing program.

After this class, there won’t ever be a ‘Confused Bride’ tag wherever you are.
Fee: N50,000
Duration: One Week
Enroll today.
For more enquiries on any of our courses, send a DM, call or text 08095559996
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