Nigerian North Cuisine

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Nigerian North Cuisine


Masterminds Catering and Culinary Institute Nigerian North Cuisine comprises of numerous dishes from ethnic groups that fall under norther Nigeria.

Our Lifestyle class in Nigerian North Cuisine uses special ingredients, spices, herbs, and recipes gotten directly from this region to create deeply flavored sauces and soups. Nigerian North Cuisine is colourful and lavish with an enticing aroma.

You Will Learn:

Tuwo Shinkafa


Miyan Kuka




Alkubus and Miyan Taushe

Class Includes:
  •  Nigerian Northern Soups
  •  Nigerian Northern Foods
  •  Nigerian Northern Specials
  •  Alkubus
  •  Tuwo
  •  Masa

We would master the art of preparing popular soup and food taken by the people of Northern Nigeria.

Our Northern Nigerian Cuisine comprises of dishes and food items obtained from the numerous ethnic groups that make up the northern states of Nigerian which is mostly dominated by the Hausa people.

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