Health Option – Low Calories and High Protein Meals

Health Option – Low Calories and High Protein Meals


Our Lifestyle class health option for low calories and high protein meals will teach you how to make simple and delectable dishes with low calories for both lunch and supper. Healthfully adjusted and filling, these dishes are intended to assist you with getting a charge out of scrumptious food without settling.

You Will Learn:

Waldorf Salad


Couscous and Morrocoan Chicken


Chilli Con Carne

Class Includes:
  •  Low Calories/High Protein - Waldorf Salad
  •  Low Calories/High Protein - Couscous and Morrocoan Chicken
  •  Low Calories/High Protein - Chilli con carne.

We would master the art of preparing Low Calories Meals with High Protein in them.

Toward the end of the class, you will plunk down around the table to appreciate what you have made, alongside a glass of freshly squeezed juice.

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