Our Principles

Our Vision, Mission, Core Values, Value Statement & Value Proposition
Our Vision

To become Africa’s premier institution for excellence in hospitality.

Our Mission

To galvanize people from all walks of life into learning the skills set and culture that leads to a productive path in the hospitality industry.

Core Values

We follow these core values to better serve you, they are more than words;


Our Core Values


Our curriculum is designed to help students achieve and master challenging goals. MCCI’s programmes are rooted in the latest cognitive and teaching method.


We are enthusiastic, we think of new ideas and see new perspectives in learning the hospitality trade, and mastering a way of culinary arts.


We are committed to providing the best, we understand culinary arts and hospitality commands focus on a high level of commitment to meet high-quality standards.


We serve with Integrity and Excellence, we focus on putting ourselves in the shoes of others in other to serve with fairness and mutual respect.


Value Statement

Our aim is to stimulate a new breed of students that would break the limits of the traditional methods of cookery and hospitality and reinvent a creative modern process to culinary and hospitality in the world.

Value Proposition

The values we promise to deliver is communicated and acknowledged across the entire organization for every student, customer, product and service;


Our Value Proposition


We offer career-ready courses that are focused on professional development and self-improvement. Our Courses are designed to support students in all aspects of their professional activity.


We are committed to superior professionalism, upholding industry standards, and continued learning. Our certificates would boost your professional credibility and prestige within your network, offering you new business opportunities.


Associate with us and benefit from our goodwill and outstanding achievement, dedication, performance, and global reputation.


We would create pathways with our professional training and curriculum to different streams of income within the culinary and hospitality trade.

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